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This picture book will be enjoyed by children and adults as a book to share with those whom they love.

​Yubara Onsen, which is introduced in this picture book, is located in Maniwa City, Okayama Prefecture. 

This story about "True love story", Zakihan and Yubaran.

You can buy Zakihan at book stores and online stores from 14/Feb/2017!

*If you can't find this book in a book store in your area. please oreder to the store with this.

​This is the PV for "Zakihan" Check it out!

"Zakihan"  art and story by U-suke

English by Gwyn and Lydia McClelland (Fusousha.Co)

B5・32P Price(¥1,400+tax)

ISBN 978-4-594-07669-6

                   (ages 3- adults)

You can get this book @Readings in Australia now!

​●Brand new picture book of U-suke, who is selected illustrator of Bologna Children exhibition 2015!

​●Bilingual book by native translator for English and Japanese!

​●This project also for Invigorating local communities!

​Please send us message after reading "Zakihan".

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