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Zakihan and Fab Design Asociation(FDA)

A picture book "ZAKIHAN"  by U-suke(Fusosha,Co), is published 14/ Feb/2017.

Zakihan project started by Fab Design Asociation (FDA)  which wokrs for supporting and  Invigorating local communities.

This website also made by FDA.

U-suke is an artist but also producer of FDA.

First of all, He visited Yubara Onsen for kids manufacturing events in 2015.


​The kids living Yubara Onsen doing manufacturing with digital laser cutter system.

U-suke was unexpectedly enchanted by the people of this town, learning of the existence of the 
“Hanzaki”, and from this the picture book developed. 

​Yubara Kids with students in Okayama.
Kids for manifacturing and Invigrorating local communities projetc(2015)
​They made ornaments for X'mas tree.

​Yubara Onsen needs a visitor who are young and women visit for new Invigorating local communities.  

FDA make a Plan that  Yubara Onsen become "True of love's town" because there are many sightseeing locations pertaining to the “Town of True Love” 


("True of Love town location")

1.Hanzaki(symbol of true love, story of Zakihan)

2.Sunayu(the outdoor hot springs, which both men and women enjoy)

3.Yorisoi bashi (Bridge for photo spot of a couple)

4.Giant tree

5. tree


7Akiko Yosano flies and Kajika flog at a rainbow farm.

10.Maga onsen

11.Simoyubara Onsen



U-suke,authour and a producer of FDA told about Zakihan and planning "true of love".
presentation by FDA at an event of Yubara,2016
FDA did presentation at Yubara onsen in 2015 and 2016,then people of Yubara communities and FDA discuss about Zakihan and True of love town.

After that, Fusosya co,decided to publish book Zakihan  so U-suke did promotion at the stage of Hanzaki festival in Yubara Onsen 2017.

U-suke in Hanzaki festval, 2016 

finally, "Zakihan" was published in 14/Feb/2017, and  this book's ceremony was 12/Feb/2017 at Yubara Onsen.

U-suke did book reading at a school and kindegarden at Yubara Onsen.


FDA would like tol support "Zakihan " and Yubara onsen In future as well.

zakihan book's ceremony, 2017
Hanzaki festval, 2016 
Newspaper " Sanyo", 2017
U-suke did book reading at a school and a kindergarden in 2017
Newspaper " Sankei", 2017
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