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What is Zakihan?

Zakihan is a character of a giant salamanser  from a picture book "Zakihan" based Yubara Onsen, Okayama created by U-suke,English by Gwyn and Lydia McClelland.(FUSOSHA,co)

Born in Feb14, Taisho first year (1912).

He loves Taisho(1912-1926)fashion.

Quite relaxed, and a chivalrous fellow. He has the habit of saying  "sounds" at the end of every sentence.

A devoted husband.

Special Talent: Splits things in half.

​hobby:Hotsprings,Fishing,Cooking Soba noodles,Karate,Triathlon,handcraft...

Born in Feb14,Taisyo 4th year (1915) . 

She loves 60's fashion.

Kind hearted and a devoted, but can be a jealous wife. She is domesticated and good at sewing and cooking, but can be fierce if someone makes her angry.


Special Talent: Patches up what has been split.

Hobby:Sowing,Cooking,Hotsprings,painting a top,Pottery...

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